Vanitas Manufacturing
, founded in 1988, is an industry leader in the manufacturing of uniquely formulated hair, skin, and body products. We have a full staff that includes on premises chemists and lab technicians, full compounding and production crews, and a quality assurance staff. We have mixing tanks that range from 100 gal to 5000 gallons.
Our focus is on customer needs. Our continuing growth is a result of working hand in hand with our customers to meet their formula, packaging and production scheduling needs. We look forward to working with new clients, and helping them achieve the status of a successful long time customer.

Vanitas Manufacturing focuses on our customers special requirements

Innovation - our way of developing new products for our clients, incorporating new and modern raw materials and creative methods of production has resulted in many new products providing our clients with the competitive edge.

Quality Control - is guaranteed throughout all phases of manufacturing and filling processes. We adhere to the strictest quality control mandates and procedures.

Manufacturing Ability - we supply products to several national chain stores and that meet or exceed the needs of our customers, while maintaining a close relationship with them to ensure steady increased success.

Consistent Delivery - We strive to deliver superior products on time. We also offer some of the shortest lead times in the industry.

Client Privacy - we maintain confidentiality and security during all phases of production. All formulations, concepts and client information are securely maintained.

Market Adaptability - sometimes sudden unexpected changes in the market without notice. Vanitas Manufacturing can adapt to those changes without compromising any  ideals that make us unique. We pride ourselves on our ability to remain accessible and available to our clients for experienced personalized service.

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